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One Salt Athletic session last 30-minutes. Each session features the Salt Athletic patent-pending scientific wellness platform which includes the stacked therapy of alkaline hydration, salt inhalation, red light, enhanced oxygen, ionization, and active enzymes. The Salt Athletics patent-pending wellness system interacts dry salt particles that are part of traditional halotherapy with red light waves to amplify a multitude of wellness components. 

Each experience begins with fresh ionized water made on demand from a state of the art alkaline water dispenser. You have the optional enzyme infusion through  specially sourced Moringa tea imported from Panama. You will then select one of the five Salt Athletics rooms listed below. Following, you will receive a second glass of ionized water with an additional dose of organic Moringa tea. 

Our Rooms

This room features state of the art cardio equipment.  Each session includes an immersive video experience to motivate and entertain you during your session.  You will have the choice of exercising on a recumbent or upright cardio bike in this room. While you are exercising you will be benefiting from a complete Salt Athletics patent-pending halo therapy / dry salt therapy, and red light therapy session.

Partake in a warm hydro massage session. Your massage session will also include an immersive halo therapy and red light therapy session. While you get your massage you will be benefiting from a complete  Salt Athletics patent-pending halo therapy / dry salt therapy, and red light therapy session.

This option will give you complete privacy in your own room where you will have the option to select from 100’s of workouts using our touch pad menu of workouts from Fitness On Demand which play on an 80 inch HD television. You can relax, stretch, perform yoga, use foam rollers, TRX straps, dumbbells, do aerobics or use a spin bike…and more, in the privacy of your own personal workout space.

This room is designed for advanced athletes who want to engage in a more intense workout using state of the art Rogue Bikes.   

The Vitality Booth is a compact stand alone room measuring 4 feet by 4 feet.  Inside each Vitality Booth is a specially constructed Salt Titan halo generator, a combination of 4 Mito red lights, an FDA oxygen concentrator and a negative ion generatior.  Optional resistance bands are also available.  A Vitality Booth session takes only 20-minutes and delivers a concentrated amount of powerful red light therapy and dry salt inhalation.

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